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The Society

In November 2002 a new international society was set up to provide a forum for the disparate groups involved in medical screening. The Medical Screening Society provides a forum for people interested in medical screening to discuss their ideas and problems, to debate controversial topics in a friendly and constructive way, and to share their experiences. The mission of the Society is to promote research and practice into worthwhile medical screening. The Journal of Medical Screening is the journal of the Society.

The Society plans to set up working groups to look at problems and controversies in medical screening, produce scientific reports that would be published in the Journal of Medical Screening and hold scientific meetings on screening as necessary. In addition, in order to engage the public in medical screening research, the public information page on the website provides information on current screening research.

The rules of the society are under review. Please contact Bill Duffy (email: bduffy@jmedscreen.org) if further information is required.

June 2020

Dr James (Jim) Haddow

Medical Screening Society member Dr James (Jim) Haddow died on 13 June 2020. As a tribute to him a page provides downloads of Editorials he wrote for the Journal of Medical Screening.

June 2013

Professor Jacob (Jack) Canick

Medical Screening Society founding member Jack Canick died on 19 May 2013. As a tribute to him and his teaching a new page provides downloads of many of his talks.

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