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Editorials in the Journal of Medical Screening

1994_1_A: Journal of Medical Screening
1994_1_B: Screening for malignant melanoma
1994_2_A: Medical screening: the way forward
1994_3_A: Screening for neuroblastoma in children
1994_3_B: Why screen for HIV infection in pregnancy?
1994_4_A: What are we screening for?
1994_4_B: Is screening for ovarian cancer worthwhile?
1994_4_C: "Opportunistic" screening
1995_1_A: The risk figure of 1/270
1995_1_B: Information leaflets
1995_2_A: The health service and personal costs of screening
1995_4_A: Breast screening in Britain
1996_1_A: What is case-finding?
1996_1_B: Should testicular self examination be recommended?
1996_2_A: What is genetic screening anyway?
1996_4_A: Prevention of blindness: a lost opportunity
1996_4_B: Screening for haemochromatosis
1997_1_A: Why the term "carrier screening" should be abandoned
1997_1_B: Epidemiological clues from screening
1997_2_A: Case-control studies of the efficacy of screening for cancer: can we earn them some respect?
1997_2_B: Screening for Huntington disease and certain other dominantly inherited disorders: a case for preimplantation genetic testing
1997_2_C: Systematic reviews of screening
1997_3_A: Screening for neuroblastoma in children
1997_4_A: National Institutes of Health consensus development conference statement on genetic testing for cystic fibrosis
1998_1_A: Should we screen for factor V Leiden?
1998_1_B: Down's syndrome screening in twins
1998_1_C: Voluntary registration of unreported randomised trials: an initiative from medical editors
1998_3_A: Current state of second trimester screening for Down's syndrome
1998_4_A: The first report of the National Screening Committee
1998_4_B: Antenatal screening for HIV in the UK: what is to be done?
1999_1_A: Prenatal cytogenetic diagnosis
1999_2_A: Cervical screening programme, England: 1997-98
1999_3_A: Reporting of screening results
1999_4_A: Preventing neural tube defects: a major success story, with a chapter yet to be written
2000_1_A: Populist instead of professional
2000_1_B: Screening for hypothyroidism in adults: supporting data from two population studies
2000_1_C: Screening for type II diabetes mellitus
2000_1_D: The challenge of preventive medicine in 2000
2000_2_A: When screening is not enough
2000_3_A: Spiral computed tomography screening
2000_3_B: In search of better ways to transmit information about screening tests
2001_1_A: The definition of screening
2001_2_A: Screening newborn infants for cystic fibrosis
2001_2_B: The threat to the use of records and stored blood samples in medical screening research
2001_2_C: Consenting adults
2001_3_A: JMS Online at a screen near you: www.jmedscreen.com
2001_3_B: The number needed to screen - an adaptation of the number needed to treat
2001_4_A: All screening is universal
2002_1_A: The Medical Screening Society
2002_2_A: Could HPV testing become the sole primary cervical screening test?
2002_2_B: Outcome events in studies of diagnostic or screening tests
2002_2_C: Faecal occult blood screening for colorectal cancer
2002_2_D: Screening for neuroblastoma in children
2002_3_A: The National Down Syndrome Cytogenetic Register (NDSCR)
2002_4_A: Seeking other disorders within antenatal serum screening programmes for Down's syndrome
2003_1_A: Under new management! Medical Screening Society buys Journal of Medical Screening
2003_2_A: Safety First: choices in antenatal screening for Down's syndrome
2003_3_A: Prenatal screening for cystic fibrosis in the United States - time to re-evaluate implementation policies
2003_4_A: How frequently should cervical screening be conducted - important new evidence
2004_1_A: Live long and prosper: a mass strategy for treating the factors associated with ischaemic heart disease and stroke
2004_2_A: NHS breast screening: the progression from one to two views
2004_2_B: Is cascade testing a sensible method of population screening?
2004_4_A: The vagaries of prostate cancer screening
2005_1_A: An epidemic averted through medical screening
2005_2_A: Couple screening to avoid thalassemia: successful in Iran and instructive for us all
2005_2_B: Screening, surgical repair, and the management of abdominal aortic aneurisms
2005_2_C: Medical screening society working groups
2005_3_A: Screening for oesophageal cancer: is it timely or premature?
2005_4_A: Prophylactic vaccines for human papillomavirus: a bright future for cervical cancer prevention
2006_1_A: Screening for chronic glaucoma
2006_2_A: When screening is still not enough
2006_2_B: Our health, our care, our say
2006_2_C: NHS breast screening: a model national programme
2006_3_A: Information leaflets in medical screening
2007_1_A: Paying for publication
2007_4_A: Screening: a step too far. A matter of concern
2009_3_A: What now on screening for prostate cancer?
2010_2_A: ACOG guidelines on cervical screening: a step in the right direction
2010_2_B: Colorectal cancer prevention through screening: population acceptance of flexible sigmoidoscopy
2010_4_A: Hypothyroidism: detecting and treating early symptoms as the body's energy rheostat is slowly turned down
2011_1_A: Discounting the value of life
2011_2_A: Genetic testing
2011_2_B: Genetic profiling tests in screening for cardiovascular disease
2011_2_C: Vitamin D and rickets: much has been accomplished, but there is room for improvement
2011_3_A: Lung cancer screening with low-dose helical CT: results from the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST)
2011_3_B: Some clarity in the management of DCIS in breast cancer screening
2011_4_A: Estimates of the potential risk of radiation-related cancerfrom screening in the UK
2011_4_B: Screening for cardiovascular disease: concerns with a Norwegian proposal
2011_4_C: Screening to detect Lynch syndrome and prevent hereditary cancers in relatives
2012_2_A: Colonoscopy as a primary screening method?
2012_2_B: Maternal plasma DNA: a major step forward in prenatal testing
2012_3.1_A: The benefits and harms of mammographic screening for breast cancer: building the evidence base using service screening programmes
2012_4_A: The Canadian recommendations on screening for type 2 diabetes
2013_2_A: The press, press releases, and raising unwarranted expectations
2014_1_A: Cochrane report on lowering blood pressure
2014_2_A: Recent results from the two Canadian Breast Screening Trials
2015_3_A: Screening for breast cancer by molecular testing for three founder mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes among women of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage
2015_4_A: Informed decision-making and breast cancer screening
2016_2_A: The NHS Health Checks programme: A better alternative
2016_3_A: Discounting financial costs and health benefits in public health programmes
2017_2_A: Sharing clinical trial data
2017_4_A: Screening and preventive medication
2018_3_A: Medical Screening Society members' talks
2019_1_A: Conflating screening detection rates with the uptake of further testing: A potential source of confusion
2019_2_A: Risk stratification in breast screening: A word of caution
2020_2_A: Flexible use of flexible sigmoidoscopy
2021_1_A: NHS announces a pilot of a blood test for early detection of many cancers
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